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Welcome to Northern Notes! I’m so grateful you’re here.

A bit about me: I’m a writer, poet, educator, avid reader, and occasional rock singer. A move to a Swedish-speaking, Finnish archipelago in 2017 saw me leave my homeland of Australia to embark on an adventure of the heart, mind, soul. This space is one where I share thoughts, photos, and poetry— of the seasons, of what I’m feeling and experiencing, of the small things that make a life.

Sharing is Caring

By sharing my work, you’re supporting my work ~ and for that, I am so grateful! If you think there might be a person who would enjoy reading this, please share it.


I love sharing ideas ~ it’s part of the reason I became a teacher. If you’d like to collaborate on a writing project, let me know!

The beautiful place I call home ~ the Åland Islands

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Constantly curious ✨ Breathing, writing, listening 💖 Finding ways to flourish 🌸