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Your writing has reminded me of the ice-skating we did while living in Edmonton. You took to it very easily as a four-year old, and I recall loving the exhilaration of gliding along the ice, once I’d built my confidence of course! I hadn’t done anything like that since roller-skating as a child. It’s very different skating on a frozen body of water that you know is solid, to skating on your large expanses of frozen sea. I totally get your fear and trepidation! And those horror stories you recounted would be enough to put me off too! ♥️

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Any ice fishing? You’ve reminded me of Garrison Keillor’s novel, Lake Wobegon Days, and the ways snow and ice affect the lives of the people of the mythical town of Lake Wobegon in northern Minnesota, where on snowy days “It’s illegal to sell alcohol in town when you can’t see across the street.”

Ice fishing from little shacks dragged out onto the lake is popular during the winter, and there’s a fundraiser involving the lake’s ice: “The Sons of Knute Ice Melt contest starts on Groundhog Day, when they tow Mr. Berge’s maroon 1949 Ford onto the lake, park it forty yards offshore with a long chain around the rear axle, and wait for spring.” For a dollar a guess, the town’s citizens try to predict the date and time when the car will sink, with profits going to a scholarship fund.

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Congratulations on your new business! Love the photos! I grew up near some small lakes on Long Island and now here in the Midwest, big ones! Hockey is a big thing in both places (my brothers always skated on the ice, I did occasionally) but it had to be REALLY FROZEN 🥶 I know how big a sport hockey is in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries! ⛸️ (I, too, have a healthy appreciation for ice -- falling on it is not want you want!)

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