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Wet Leg do seem to have broken through, as we say, which is remarkable for a rock band (passé, right?) formed during the pandemic. During their U.S. tour this spring, they appeared on some of the talk shows. I like this song they did on James Corden’s show. The opening verses are in old-school iambic tetrameter with aabb rhyme scheme, making for a solid start (and poets gave that up for free verse why, exactly?):


Their playfulness reminds me just a little of the B-52’s (minus the wigs) from 40 years ago:


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I’m glad you are starting to feel better and have summer ahead to regroup.. I’ll check out Insight Timer. Thanks for the reminder!

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Whew, that is a lot! I'm glad you're finding yourself being kinder to you and that the practice is helping. That's interesting about in betweens being unsettled. I feel like we've been in an in-between since Covid started. Cool mandala!

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It was maybe the younger YouTube watching generation sitting at home wondering what to do! I like their playfulness too - love the B52s. Our band has done Love Shack before. Good party song. I’m trying to convince them to do a Wet Leg song but I’m the baby at not quite 50 😉 They tend towards 70s & 80s rock, although we do have a set of one-hit-wonders with a couple from the 90s & early 2000s

As a teacher of poetry, it’s fear that has stopped people using iambic pentameter - freaks people out (until they ‘get’ it, that is)

I may be able to see Wet Leg live this summer in Europe. They’re supporting Florence and the Machine. Have to see but it’d be fun! Need some more fun!

Thanks for commenting, Frank!

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