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Nice catch with the Limón interview. My mind normally starts wandering within a few minutes with podcasts, so I really appreciate ones like this that post complete transcripts, so I can skim over the boring intros, for example.

Some of Limón’s poems feel a little muffled in places, but her “The Quiet Machine,” despite being prose, is a zinger, with its tension building almost unnoticed until the explosive shout at the end. Here it is if readers don’t want to search for it in the transcript:


I’m always a little suspicious of poets who cite big-time canonical poems as their starting point in poetry, as she does here with Bishop’s “One Art.” Limón’s predecessor laureate once removed, Tracy K. Smith, cited Dickinson’s “I’m Nobody! Who Are You?” when asked a similar question. I’d like to hear just one poet say, oh, I don’t really remember, or maybe just admit it was the rhymes in “Love Me Do” or something.

Another great recent interview:


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Wonderful photos and words, Lisa. Also: I love Krista Tippet!

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Thanks again Frank for responding. I think what I loved most about Limòn’s interview was her discussion of pause and silence in poetry. I taught poetry for many years and I liked to encourage it in my students - to play with pause and breath when writing.

I agree with your comment on wishing a poet would say something like “it was the Dr Suess books as a kid” or “I listened to Rainbow growing up and their lyrics were so strange I felt I could write too” 😂

I’ll check out your interview recommendation 😁

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