Wow, this issue is loaded with good stuff. The poetry, of course, first. I love it. You have this lingering in your poems, and meandering, that give a pace that is so calm and yet effective. I always feel very good when I read your work.

Then happiness. Ignoring other emotions. I think that is linked to what you write about the teens. Interesting, and maybe not too surprising when you really think about it, that slowing down leads to more happiness. Reflecting on oneself, understanding all the emotions and dealing with them. Those could very well be the actions that contribute to feeling happy. So much to ponder about. Thanks for sharing it.

And the Dalai Lama... I remember there was this live conversation between him and Desmond Tutu once, streamed on YouTube. It was amazing. Two elderly wise men, being cheerful who together wrote the Book of Joy.

As you can see, your post triggered a tsunami of (joyful) thought. Thank you. And many, many, many thanks for the nice mention!

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